Accredo Accounting Software

Accredo Accounting Software

Accredo Accounting Software is purpose-designed for small to medium sized New Zealand companies, Accredo has all the features and modules local companies need from Job Costing to Fixed Assets.

  • Accredo Saturn for customers who need to track operations at more than one location
  • Accredo Mercury for businesses at a single location

One of the strengths of Accredo Software is its flexibility to mould to the differing requirements of each business which is an advantage over the ”one size fits all” philosophy of many competing products in the market. We can  also provide scripting changes which let you modify the program to suit your needs.

But the key difference between Accredo and competing business accounting software packages is Accredo’s 25-year history of caring for its customers. An amazing fifty percent of Accredo customers have been using the software for more than ten years, upgrading at their own pace, according to their own business needs.

This history of customer care is a major reason why Accredo is now in use by more than 800 New Zealand companies, and why more than 60 accountants, financial advisers and IT integration companies have completed Accredo implementation and sales training and have been licenced to sell and implement the software.

A key part of the Accredo customer care philosophy is communication. When customers call us, real people not only answer the phone – speaking your language, in your time zone – they know who you are and know your business. And, every six weeks, we send you our online newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest product developments, to introduce you to new people, and share customer experiences which might help you save money or improve your bottom line.

I’ve been working with the Needle Exchange Services Trust this year, and we have been featured in one of the Accredo newsletters, for the full story click here

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