Here at Timeline Services we are all about supporting simple, efficient, effective accounting and software support for you and your business.

Xero is a whole new ball game when it comes to accounting software.


Some benefits of subscribing to XERO through Timeline Services Ltd:

You have qualified and experienced financial advisory help just a phone call away during NZ business hours.

You have a web connected consultant who can take over some of your book keeping while you go away on holiday and get some much needed R & R.

You have Timeline here and at the ready available to come in and train your replacement staff member when someone resigns or retires.


Tell me about XERO

Designed in everyday language so that you the business owner can use it, no accounting experience necessary to decode the lingo, and with guidance or training from us you will be entering invoices, doing bank reconciliations and printing reports out like a pro!

Being web based, transactions automatically fed from your bank account to the accounting system, and your consultants being able to log in anywhere anytime to assist you if and when you need it.

Xero is perfect for small to medium simple businesses.  If you require to run a job costing or manage stock as well then XERO comes with additional add-ons such as workflow max or unleashed.

For more info on XERO add-ons visit their website:


Have a sneek peek at this short two minute video:


You no longer require several dusty install type software packages:

Banklink? Gone!!

Accounting Software installed on your hard drive, requiring  upgrades? Gone!!

Accounting Software installed on your hard drive, requiring backups every time you enter data? Gone!!

Gone are the days of manually coding transactions in bank link, paying for upgrades to software, having to remember to back up your accounting software when you are tired at the end of the day.

No accounting experience required? Correct! Sales are sales, Purchases are purchases – no confusing accounting language, plus every single page, tab, link in XERO has a connected help page to it specifically attached and written for the page you are in and the task you have at hand.


Contact us today to see if XERO is the next best step for you and your business.  Use the contact form to the right or simply send an email to: